David & Ann Ledgerwood--Songs for the Heart

Born only a year apart in the same town and even in the same hospital, Ann and David were in their 40’s before they met. And upon meeting, they found there was much they had in common, including an appreciation for the musical influences of the late 60’s and 70’s. Songs of The Beatles, The Eagles, CSNY and others were embedded in their memories of growing up and beyond.

This love for music has played a large part in shaping them both individually and now as a married couple. “He sings ‘Bob Dylan’ in the shower early in the morning” and “She can carry on a conversation and sing a song at the same time” are things you might hear them say of each other. One thing is certain:  they both love to sing and they love to sing together. Staying active with work and home, they also enjoy hiking, cooking, time with family and friends, involvement in their church music ministry, and performing out when they can. Ann and David reside in Emory, VA, along with chocolate lab Jodi, yellow lab Wally and five cats .

Their relaxed style of performance has also been influenced by other types and styles of music such as traditional, gospel, blues, and folk. They also perform their own compositions. They seek to provide an interactive entertainment experience that provides a positive message . . . a time of pleasant memories
and hope . . . Songs for the Heart

David and Ann's music is on youtube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUXw2v8xgBeS5cOEBucHROg


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Hello Friends!  Thanks for checking out our new website.  We have been busy with some changes of direction in our lives, so we needed a way to combine everything into one website.  So...
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