Who We Are

David and Ann Ledgerwood love music, food, and people, so, in the fall of 2012, they embarked on a great adventure to restore a circa 1920s building in the town square of Glade Spring, VA, and put in a coffee house.

The building that is now Central Café Glade once housed the Central Store.  It was a very important part of the thriving downtown business district of days gone by in Glade Spring.  The train was very important to the town (and all of southwest Virginia) and passes by several times each day across the square in front of the building.  The Central Store had lots of stuff, including candy, comic books, toys, and a soda fountain.  Folks remember enjoying a Cherry Smash with friends and looking forward to seeing what great Christmas toys would decorate the shelves of the Central Store.

David and Ann have enjoyed music all of their lives.  David used to sing himself to sleep as a child.  Ann began singing harmony as a child with her sisters.  David began playing guitar at nine years of age and spent many years playing in several bands, including “East Street” from Bluefield, WV, and a contemporary Christian band “Image.”  Ann’s background was in piano and choral music, singing with her sisters and in church choirs for many years.  When they met and married in 2005, it was natural to begin to sing and perform together.  

Welcome Friends!

Hello Friends!  Thanks for checking out our new website.  We have been busy with some changes of direction in our lives, so we needed a way to combine everything into one website.  So...
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